Community Cafe

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Pathfinder Services of ND hosts and facilitates community cafés throughout the state to bring individuals together for a common purpose.

Our Community Cafés approach brings an environment that allows a network of collaborative dialogue. In turn this sparks leadership to build relationships, enabling individuals to see new ways to make a difference within their communities.


A Pathway to Partnerships

1) Purpose

Bringing people together, introducing and strengthening partnerships between community members, school staff, and families.

2) Environment

Offering an equal opportunity for all individuals to share and express themselves. When people feel comfortable to be themselves, they do their most creative thinking, speaking, and listening.

3) You Matter

Each community member, school staff, and family member matter. This concept instills the confidence participants need to steward and advocate for the success of all children.

4) Collaborative Dialogue

Meeting new people, actively contributing thoughts, listening to other’s and exchanging perspectives, greatly enrich the possibility for successful change.

5) Collective Discoveries

Creating a summary of the overall discussions and viewpoints of the group. Identifying the essential areas for forward change.

Community Cafe Events

September 3 - Fargo, ND

September 9 - Minot, ND

September 24 - Mandan, ND