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How do I get a Facilitated IEP?

What is a facilitated IEP and how do I get one? 

Just like mediation, when parents of children with disabilities and school staff disagree about Special Education and related services, there are things that can be utilized to help the process along.  A Facilitated IEP is one where an IEP meeting occurs that includes an impartial facilitator who helps to promote effective communication and assist the IEP team (that means parents and educators) in developing an acceptable IEP for the child.  The facilitator helps to keep the team focuses on the proper development of the IEP while addressing any conflicts that may come up.  This method of assistance in working with the schools is not, however, utilized to resolve disputes with the school outside of the IEP. 

To read the IEP Facilitation Brochure from ND DPI (en Español) or to Request an IEP Facilitator, you can go to the ND DPI website or click on the highlighted words.