Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Child, The
by Demitri Papolos, MD & Janice Papolos
The material is presented clearly, with lots of helpful charts and lists to aid in receiving proper diagnosis, treatment, and long-term care. All medical information is relayed with the aim of helping parents to ensure effective treatment for their children and includes journal-tracking formats to help caregivers provide accurate information to personal physicians. (parents & professionals)

Parenting a Bipolar Child
by Gianni L. Faedda & Nancy B. Austin
In this book, a psychiatrist and a psychologist, both specializing in mood disorders, offer a comprehensive overview of the available treatment options and most effective parenting strategies you can use to deal with condition. In addition to finding a thorough explanation of the often necessary medical treatments for bipolar disorder, you'll learn the importance of emotion regulation for children with this condition. The book offers techniques for dealing with outbursts of rage, anger, and irritability in your child, as well as ways to handle sleep disorders, among the most common symptoms of childhood bipolar disorder.

The Bipolar Workbook for Teens: DBT Skills to Help You Control Mood Swings
by Sheri Van Dijk and Karma Guindon
When you have bipolar disorder, it can sometimes seem like mood swings are keeping you from being the person you want to be. You may alternate between feelings of depression and overexcitement even though what you really want is to find a healthy balance between the two. This easy-to-use workbook presents a set of skills you can learn that will help you find that balance, become more independent, and stay focused on the big-picture goals that are most important to you.


24: A Day in the Life of Bipolar Children and Their Families
by Janice Papolos (Audio CD)
Delivered with the compassion and humor audiences have come to expect, Janice Papolos paints a revealing picture of a day in the life of children suffering with Bipolar Disorder, and those who love them. Also included is a special feature on 14 Minutes to a Better IEP.


20/20 Bipolar Disorder In Children
17 minutes 20/20 ABC News
20/20 explores the phenomenon of bipolar disorder in young children.

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