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TouchPoints: The Essential Reference
by T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.
Based upon over three decades of continuous practice and internationally recognized research, Touchpoints is the only childcare reference by a pediatrician who has both medical and psychoanalytic training, and who offers parents a completed understanding of children development from a physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral point of view. No other childcare guide offers supportive, empathetic insights into the parents' own emotions, and no other guide includes both chronological chapters and alphabetical topics on all issues faced by families from conception through age six.

Welcoming All Children: Creating Inclusive Child Care
by Tamyra Freeman
This booklet is one way in which to provide the information and support to child care providers in their efforts to include children with special needs. (parents & professionals)


Play That's Real: Fostering A Sense of Identity in Toddler Programs
35 minutes
This DVD reiterate the significance of the caregiver/child attachment relationship and discuss how caregivers can plan to promote play that is authentic for toddlers, through building on everyday experiences and routines in the child care setting.


Child Care Aware of North Dakota
Child Care Aware of North Dakota
This handout provides information about Child Care Aware of North Dakota. (English)
To request a copy of this resource, visit or call Pathfinder and ask for Handout #197

Online Resources

Child Care Aware of North Dakota

Child Care Aware is a training and information hub for child care providers and offers parents customized referrals to licensed child care options. They work to build the capacity of child care in North Dakota and insure that children have the opportunity to play and learn in a safe and healthy environment.

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