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Depressed Child, The: A Parent's Guide for Rescuing Kids
by Douglas A. Riley
The author has crafted an accessible and supportive guide for parents of children in emotional distress. This poignant and timely work is right on target in its exploration of how parents can successfully guide their children past the challenges of depression.

Depression and Suicide: Special Education Children At Risk
by Eleanor C. Guetzloe
Reviews the role of school personnel in detecting signs of depression and potential of suicide and in taking appropriate action, as well as the role of the school in developing and implementing treatment programs for this population. (parents & professionals)

Depression Workbook, The
by Mary Ellen Copeland, M.S.
Describes causes and treatment of depression and manic-depression. Includes exercises to help empower the reader with insight, energy and hope. (parents & professionals)

Lonely, Sad and Angry
by Barbara D. Ingersoll
Here is a source of accurate and up-to-date information about depression and depressive disorders in children and adolescents. Parents are at the front line in recognizing signs of depression and anger in their children. This book will give parents the tolls to identify when their child is troubled and how to go about finding the right help.

Ups & Downs: How to Beat the Blues and Teen Depression (Plugged In)
by Susan Klebanoff
Ups & Downs can help with reassuring, easy-to-read advice from licensed experts that helps readers understand their feelings, identify their problems, and recognize the difference between temporary rough spots and more serious situations.

What to Do When Someone You Love Is Depressed
by Mitch Golant, Susan Golant
This compassionate guide teaches you how you can best support a loved one who is battling depression. Discusses specific things to say and do that will help, how to maintain intimacy and communication, the warning signs of serious illness, the most successful forms of treatment, and much more. (parents & professionals)

When Nothing Matters Anymore
by Bev Cobain, R.N.C.
This book extends a compassionate, knowledgeable, hand to teens trying to understand the complex and frustrating dynamics of living with depression. The author demystifies mental health terminology with straightforward explanations about the various kinds of depression and the difference between "the blues" and more serious kinds of depression that need attention.


Fighting Depression
4 minutes National Institute of Mental Health
This 4 minute DVD features a first person narrative describing one person's experience with depression, and depicts people of various ages dealing with the different symptoms of the illness.


A Family Handbook: Helping Your Teen Through Depression
Channing Bete
Handbook helps parents understand teenage depression. Discusses contributing factors, symptoms, and potential consequences of depression, and explains treatment options. Also notes suicide risk factors and warning signs. Offers tips to help parents prepare for an evaluation by a health-care provider, keep track of appointments and medications, and much more. Fill-in sections, worksheets, and other interactive features make handbooks ideal for ongoing reference. (English)
To request a copy of this resource, visit or call Pathfinder and ask for Handout #144

Depression Basics
A brochure on depression that explains what it is and how to get help. (English)

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