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1-2-3 Magic forTeachers: Effective Classroom Discipline: Pre-K thru Grade 8
by Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D. & Srah Jane Schonour, M.A.
Offering advice for teachers eager to develop better discipline in the classroom, this guide provides practical methods for eliminating disruptive behavior, encouraging productive work habits, and communicating with parents. Clear lessons and straightforward language reveal how to measure discipline in a classroom environment, as well as how to handle difficult situations, such as transition times, assemblies, lunchtime, and field trips. A separate chapter for school administrators explains how to support classroom teachers in creating discipline and how to evaluate those teachers.

One-Minute Discipline: Classroom Management Strategies That Work!
by Arnie Bianco
For classroom teachers at all levels, here is a unique collection of practical, proven-effective techniques and ready-to-use tools for managing classroom behavior and creating the positive environment that students and teachers need to promote learning.

What Do I Do When: The Answer Book on Discipline
by John W. Norlin, Esq.
The IDEA has changed over time to provide educators with increased flexibility to deal with safety issues, to assure that students with disabilities do not receive unwarranted preferential treatment when their misconduct is not disability related, and to make sure they receive appropriate services and behavior interventions when it is.


Discipline Regulations in North Dakota
This information comes from the ND Department of Public Instruction on the discipline regulations for students with disabilities. Also contains information regarding manifestation determination, students removed for 10 days or less, long term removal (more than cumulative 10 days); and change of placement. (English)

Online Resources

School Discipline: A Resource Collection

IDEA, our nation's special education law, provides the frame for how students with disabilities may be (and may not be) disciplined at school for violating a code of student conduct. IDEA's rules are complex and multi-faceted, so it's very important to use authoritative resources on the subject of school discipline. In this resource collection, you'll find articles, federal guidance, good reads, webinars, presentations and slideshows, and webpages offering additional information.

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