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Activities for a Diverse Classroom: Connecting Students
by Leah Katz, Caren Sax, & Douglas Fisher
This book helps begin the sometimes difficult conversation about diversity in the classroom. It offers a variety of activities that engage students in a process of understanding the need for friendships and acceptance of others. Teachers can help create a sense of community in the classroom as they introduce students to new ways of thinking about relationships. Integrating these activities throughout the curriculum provides a more cohesive way to teach these skills and social issues in context rather than in isolation.

Cultural Diversity, Families, and the Special Education System
by Beth Harry
This work explores the quadruple disadvantage faced by the parents of poor, minority, handicapped children whose first language is not that of the school that they attend. The author's ethnographic study of 12 low-income Puerto Rican American families serves to illustrate how the present structure of the special education system disempowers parents, excluding them from the decision-making processes that categorize their children as "handicapped" - and ultimately, often place them at a permanent educational disadvantage.

Dogwolf (Children's Library)
by Alden R. Carter
From the award-winning author of Dancing on Dark Water comes the powerful story of Pete LaSavage - a boy who is part Chippewa, part Metis, and part Norwegian - and can barely contain his frustration and confusion about his mixed-race heritage. (6 & up)

Future Vision Present Work
by Cronin, Sparks, Henry, Olatunji & York
This book offers the latest information addressing anti-bias and cultural relevancy issues for your program. The guide features stories from group facilitators who share their wisdom and findings to help you address anti-bias and cultural relevancy issues in your program or classroom. (parents & professionals)

Girl Who Married the Moon
by Gayle Ross/Joseph Bruchac
Two master storytellers bring to life sixteen compelling stories that celebrate the passage from girlhood to womanhood. Included are tales from the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest. Among these stories, one young woman melts the heart of the cannibal giant, one transforms herself into a bear, and another marries the moon. A useful resource for storytelling and multicultural learning. (parents & professionals)

Your Values, My Values
by Lilah Morton Pengra, Ph.D.
Person-centered planning is sometimes difficult when you provide services to people whose ethnicity or class differs from your own. in this book, the author shares her struggles to design services that reflect the values of the people receiving them, especially in sensitive areas such as cleanliness, theft, aggression, privacy, decision-making, and relationships. (parents & professionals)


A Story About El Grupo de Familias
40 mnutes
This DVD follows the bilingual early childhood literacy group. The cultural mediator brings Spanish-speaking families with young children together with graduate student teachers. They explore storybook reading, support their children's learning through play, and form strong bonds of friendship.

Language and Culture: Respecting Family Choices
40 minutes
This DVD is about how Spanish speaking families bring their children up speaking both Spanish and English through the assistance of Project ACT through the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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