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Building Your Baby's Brain: A Parent's Guide to the First Five Years
by Diane Trister Dodge
If you are expecting your first child or the parent of an infant, toddler, or preschooler and want to learn what scientists are finding out about brain research, then this book is for you. Also available in Spanish.

Fun Family Activities for Children 3 to 5 and Their Families
North Dakota Department of Human Services
Parents and other family members play an important role in supporting their childs growth and development. Development occurs at a unique pace for each child. The purpose of this document is to help you with ways to support your childs learning through fun and interactive activities. Most of the activities are designed to fit into your families day to day activities

I Love You Rituals: Fun Activities for Parents and Children
by Dr. Becky Bailey
This book contains over 75 activities designed to strengthen adult-child relationships in order to increase attention; decrease power struggles; and promote learning and literacy in young children. a must-have for home and classroom use. Comes with 2 CD's.

Learning to Read and Write
by Susan B. Neuman, Carol Copple, and Sue Bredekam
Developmentally appropriate ways of teaching children to read and write come to life in this essential resource. It offers ways to arrange language-rich settings, provide literacy-related experiences, work with speech sounds and rhyme, and promote print awareness.

Life's Greatest Miracle
by Marc Lappe, Ph.D.
Life's Greatest Miracle is the only book that explains the crucial phases of human development, from the first eight weeks of embryonic life to birth, combined with groundbreaking photographic artwork that shows life within the womb.

Purposeful Play With Infants and Toddlers
North Dakota Department of Human Services
Understand how infants and toddlers grow and learn. Plan purposeful play that can assist in growth and learning. Develop daily routines that support growth and development.


Brain Boogie Boosters
by Dr. Becky Bailey (Audio CD)
Dr. Becky Bailey and The Learning Station unite to create interactive, fun, brain-boosting songs and activities that foster optimal brain integration. This collection of 19 engaging tunes includes 'stop and go' activities that improve attention span, breathing and stretching songs to disengage the stress response, and connection songs that enhance impulse control.


Early Book Stages
24 minutes
This program identifies the normal developmental stages children birth-to-five years go through in learning how to use books. Examples are given of parents with children which demonstrate the way to read books to young children beyond just reading the words on the page.


Experienced Parent Program Brochure
Pathfinder Services of ND
A brochure about Pathfinder's Experienced Parent Program. (English)

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