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Child Care Plus+ Curriculum on Inclusion
by Rural Institute On Disabilities
(English version) The "Child Care Plus+ Curriculum on Inclusion: Practical Strategies for Early Childhood Programs" approaches inclusion in the most inclusive way-by focusing on best practices in early childhood. Rather than providing specialized information that applies only to children with disabilities, each page of this book provides information which can be used to improve the quality of early childhood programs so that the needs of every child are represented. Woven throughout these pages is a philosophy that encourages practitioners to take a close look at every aspect of the early childhood program, examine it through the eyes of the children, and do whatever it takes to make the setting more appropriate for every child who plays and learns there.

Como estimular el cerebro infantil (Building Your Baby's Brain)

Spanish version of Building Your Baby's Brain. If you are expecting your first child or the parent of an infant, toddler, or preschooler and want to learn what scientists are finding out about brain research, then this book is for you.

Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins - Mathematics
by Carol Sue Fromboluti
The activities in this booklet are designed to promote the learning and development of the "whole child." In other words, they don't just focus on developing mathematics in young children. Instead, these are sets of activities that provide young children with experiences that will help to get them ready for kindergarten. These activities build language skills, increase thinking and problem-solving abilities, develop social skills, promote large and small muscle development, and increase general knowledge.

Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins Geography
by Carol Sue Fromboluti
With this book we hope you as parents will get ideas that will use your children's play to help them learn more geography--the study of the Earth and its human, animal, and plant population. Most of the suggestions in this book are geared to children from 2 to 5 years of age.

Eentsy, Weentsy Spider - Fingerplays and Action Rhymes
by J. Cole & S. Calmenson
Sing them! Say them! Act them out! 40 fingerplays and action rhymes that reflect a child's world. Clear, playful illustrations make learning easy. Musical arrangements included. Ages: 3-8.

Families Are Important: An Early Childhood Guidebook for Families of Young Children with Disabilities
by PACER Center
Children are a big responsibility. You make sure your children are safe and have good care. You watch to see that they grow and develop as they should for their age. This is a big challenge! It can be an even bigger challenge if you know your child has a disability or if you think your child is not developing like other children the same age.

From Parents to Partners: Building a Family-Centered Early Childhood Program
by Janis Keyser
Parent partnerships are an essential factor in every successful early childhood program. Effective communication is key to developing and sustaining a family-centered model that fosters thriving relationships with the most significant people in the lives of children in a child care setting. In this practical guide book, the author shows teachers and providers how to use proven communication strategies to connect to and encourage the involvement of parents and other family members.

HighScope's Preschool Key Experiences: Initiative & Social Relations
by High/Scope
Young children are developing as independent decision makers who can make plans and carry them out and as community members who can form close relationships, play cooperatively, and show sensitivity and respect for others. They are becoming socially competent individuals. This book highlights strategies adults can use to support children in developing these key abilities.

Playing Smart
by Susan K. Perry, Ph.D.
This new edition of a family favorite offers hundreds of activities that promote creative thinking, laughter, learning and loving relationships. Updated resources and family-friendly Web sites help point the way toward more adventures.

Positive Discipline for Preschoolers
by Jane Nelsen, Cheryl Erwin, Roslyn Duffy
We hug them, laugh with them, buy them presents, brag about them, and celebrate them. And yet, when it comes time to give our little ones the guidance they need, many of us hesitate. How can I begin to teach boundaries to my 6 month old? Should I spank my 2 year old? What can I do about my defiant 4 year old? Is it all right for my toddler to sleep in my bed? You hold in your hands the answers to some of the toughest questions parents may face. Positive Discipline for Preschoolers offers practical solutions for every parent and teacher of young children.

Problem-Solving Skills 101: A Behavior Management Program for Young Students
by Karen K. Zellmer/LRP
This useful guide shows you and your staff how to involve young children in problem solving strategies - so they understand why a specific behavior is inappropriate and recognize proper replacement behavior.

Read It! Play It! With Babies and Toddlers
by Joanne Oppenheim and Stephanie Oppenheim
Read It! Play It! With Babies and Toddlers introduces new parents to the power of books, songs, stories and play at this crucial time in a child's development. The easy to follow format provides the resources, games and activities that all new parents need to have at their fingertips.

Rhymes & Reasons - Literature and Language Play
by Michael F. Opitz
Choose a book and read it. Then use it to engage children in language exploration to promote phonological awareness.

Small Steps Forward
by Sarah Newman
This book provides parents and caregivers with the information they require and a host of ideas to encourage their child's development. The games and activities suggested in the book use toys and materials which most children will already have, and involve no special preparation. (parents & professionals)

Start Smart
by Pam Schiller
Early experiences contribute to the future capacity of the brain. Start Smart offers simple, ways to boost brain power with active exploration, repetition, sensory exploration, and direct experience. Ages: Birth-1

Starting Small - Teaching Tolerance in Preschool and the Early Grades
by Vivian Gussin Paley
The vision of community that the early childhood classroom provides can color children's ideas and expectations about equity, cooperation and citizenship for a lifetime.

Together We Succeed: Building a Better System For Transitioning Preschoolers with Disabilities (3 ring binder)
by Padmaja Sarathy
Get innovative strategies for developing and implementing a researched-based system for smooth transitions for preschool children with special needs and their families. It outlines a collaborative planning process for overcoming transition challenges with a child-family focused approach ? and helps you effectively engage early childhood stakeholders in implementing the system.

Transition Magician for Families
by Ruth Chvojicek
This book was written to help early childhood teachers support the families in their programs. It features dozens of activities for both home and away.

Transition Time Let's Do Something Different
by Jean Feldman
Learn how to make transitions smooth, meaningful, and fun for children. Learn how to "bridge" periods of time, and capture children's interest with activities, finger plays, songs, and games. Tips for planning for transitions during every part of the day, plus a planning guide, are included.


A Child Grows: The First Year Of Life
24 minutes
This video might be the best way to see infant development this side of becoming a parent. Our cast of infants demonstrate basic motor skills from rolling over to standing alone. They learn that objects can exist outside of their own experience, learn cause and effect, and slowly discover they are independent beings. Watch as they explore eye-hand coordination, feeding skills, a first smile, language understanding, baby talk, and the magical dance of senses and muscles called "sensorimotor" development.

Early Childhood Inclusion Training Library binder
Special Quest
The Early Childhood Inclusion Training Library-Special Quest is an easy-to-use, comprehensive training curriculum for individuals working with young children who have disabilities, birth-five, and their families. The binder is designed for use in multiple professional development settings. A variety of materials and strategies are included that accommodate different learning styles and modalities, making the content accessible to a broad audience.

From the Crib to the Classroom
12 minutes
This DVD is designed to build on parents' strengths by reinforcing those activities they already do with their children, as well as giving them new ideas. Narrated by a mother of three, it depicts an infant, a preschool boy, and a kindergarten-age girl in informal learning activities with their parents.

Preschool Prep & Sight Words 7 DVD Pack (Meet the Letters, Meet the Numbers, Meet the Shapes, Meet the Colors, Meet the Sight Words 1, Meet the Sight Words 2, Meet the Sight Words 3)
Preschool Prep Company
A study of over 50 babies and toddlers, who watched Meet the Letters, resulted in over 90% of these children having complete upper and lowercase letter recognition. Many learned in less than two weeks! Numbers, shapes, colors and sight words can be learned in a few viewings.

Preschool Prep Series (7 DVDs)

This DVD set of 7 includes numbers, shapes, colors and sight words and can be learned in a few viewings. This set has won over 25 national awards and are used in thousands of schools across the country. You will be amazed at what your little one can learn!

Sharing Books with Babies
30 minutes
This program is designed to promote early literacy development in infants, toddlers, and preschool children in early-care and education settings. It examines the developmental stages of early-literacy growth in the first five years of life.

The Road To Reading
15 minutes
The journey to becoming a reader begins at birth. Surrounding a child with language from lullabies, nursery rhymes, storytelling, and reading and re-reading a child's favorite book are experiences that guide that journey. This DVD shows how the spirit of family can be enhanced by accessible, informal, everyday activities that expose children to literacy.


Commonly Asked Questions About Child Care Centers and The Americans With Disabilities Act
US Department of Justice
This booklet contains commonly asked questions about child care centers and the ADA. (English)

North Dakota Early Childhood Outcomes Project Brochure
This brochure from NDDPI provides information about the North Dakota Early Childhood Outcomes Project. (English)

Un Guía Familiar Para la Participación en el Proceso para la Medición de Resultados de los Niños
Este folleto le ayudará a comprender y participar significativamente en el proceso de medición de resultados para el programa de su hijo. (Spanish)

Online Resources

Parent Toolkit (En Español)

Esta guía lo ayudará a orientarse con el camino académico de su hijo desde pre-kinder hasta la escuela secundaria. Está diseñado para ayudarlo a hacer un seguimiento del progreso en cada etapa y apoyarlo. (This toolkit will help you navigate your child’s journey from pre-kindergarten through high school. It is designed to help you track and support progress at each stage.) Also available in English.

Parent Toolkit - A Web Resource

This toolkit will help you navigate your child’s journey from pre-kindergarten through high school. It is designed to help you track and support progress at each stage. Also available in Spanish. (También disponible en español.)

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