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Growing Good Kids
by Deb Delisle and Jim Delisle
Lively, diverse, enriching, and fun, these activities invite children to create books, write stories, help others, consider the traits of successful leaders, explore their own values, stretch their imaginations, discover why "misteaks are grate," and more. Kids practice problem solving, decision making, goal setting, divergent thinking, tolerance, patience, compassion, and communication. They learn to appreciate themselves, care about others, and act on their caring in concrete and meaningful ways. Grade level: 3-8

Help I'm Bored!
by Janine Lynn
Over 300 children's activities for 2-12.

Ready, Set, Read!
by Dr. Jean R. Feldman
Help students explore their natural curiosities, become excited about reading, and develop those tools necessary to become good readers with Dr. Jean's activity-packed book. You'll especially like Jean's teacher tips, and you will appreciate the current educational research and resource section she includes. You and your students will love the more than 100 fun, creative, step-by-step activities that utilize various skills, including visual, auditory, oral, and hand-eye coordination. Jean has even included activities that parents and children can do together! You will want to learn how to read all over again with Ready, Set, Read!

Starting Out Right
by M. Susan Burns, Peg Griffin & Catherine E. Snow
With literacy problems plaguing as many as four in ten children in America, this book discusses how best to help children succeed in reading. You'll find out how to help youngsters build word recognition, avoid comprehension problems, and more with checklists of specific accomplishments to be expected at different ages.

Teaching Our Children to Read
by Bill Honig
Studies of effective teaching practices have continued to validate the need for explicit and systematic instruction in basic reading skills, and Bill Honig uses this research to shed new light on an old problem - how to help all students become fluent readers. This book is an essential resource for educators and parents concerned about how to successfully teach our children to read.

The Essential "55"
by Ron Clark
The Essential "55" is a collection of the amazingly effective rules that Ron Clark used to become an extraordinary teacher. Through trial and error, this teacher has distilled fifty-five ideas that have helped him take apathetic students in some of the country's most challenging areas and transform them into award-winning scholars.

The Excellent “11”
by Ron Clark
The author, Ron Clark, pinpoints what it takes to make a great student and shows that the qualities apply to both educating children and becoming a great teacher or parent. YouÂ’ll find out what the characteristics are, why they work, and how you can incorporate them into your classroom, home, and life.

We Both Read About Space
by Jana Carson
This revised edition provides exciting new information and spectacular photographs of planets, moons, stars and galaxies. The International Space Station, the new category of dwarf planets, and how astronauts live in space are just some of the topics covered in this book that is sure to be popular with adults and children alike!

We Both Read Animals Under Our Feet
by Sindy McKay
This book takes a close look at many animals that live or spend much of their life underground and how they live there. Animals covered in the book include the desert tortoise, moles, ants, meerkats, armadillos, burrowing owls, and many more.

We Both Read The Boy Who Carried the Flag
by Jana Carson
During the Revolutionary War, a young boy volunteers for a dangerous mission. Betsy Ross has finished a new flag for General Washington. The flag might help to rally the freezing soldiers camped with Washington in Valley Forge. But British troops are everywhere and anyone trying to deliver the flag may be captured and shot as a spy. Could a boy make the journey without getting caught? Ben sets out in a blinding snow storm in an effort to bring the flag - and new hope - to Valley Forge.

Wow! I'm Reading!
by Jill Frankel Hauser
It's never too soon to raise a reader. Research confirms that children who start out ahead, stay ahead. Every kid who loves to talk, scribble 'messages', or look at pictures is ready to learn. Here are more than 50 engaging activities, based on proven techniques from a teacher who knows, that effectively teach young children to read. Guarantee a head start on phonics by developing phonemic awareness. Build this critical sense of sounds within words through fun rhymes, songs, and games. Help kids master the alphabet with sensory-rich activities that help them remember every letter and sound. Empower kids with phonics skills. They'll play games that blend letter sounds into words -- and really read. Tune kids into the exciting world of print with books, cards, and literacy crafts they create themselves.

You Know Your Child is Gifted When. . .
by Judy Galbraith, M.A.
With this book you'll strengthen your parenting skills and get answers to other questions you've wondered about, discover what sets gifted kids apart and how you can support your child's unique abilities.


Hooked On Phonics: Learn To Read: Pre-K

Hooked On Phonics: Learn to Read: Pre-K provides children ages 3 to 4 with the building blocks of reading. The program is designed to teach children letter names, letter sounds, and phonemic awareness with an approach to learning that is simple, effective, easy to use, and fun.


Bill Nye The Science Guy: Probability
by Bill Nye
Beloved by teachers and students alike, Bill Nye and his unique brand to Way Cool Science make complex science principles accessible for all learners. Bill goes planet-gazing and takes a serious look at Jupiter's features, Earth's elliptical orbit, and the distance between planets.

Fundamental Mathematics Super Pack (8 DVDs)
182 minutes
This innovative teaching system covers the topics (multiplication & division; fractions & decimals; measurements, ratios, percents; angles, polygons & circles; geometry; data; and problem solving skills) in a fun, fast-paced, and engaging manner. Each module includes a video program along with a digital workbook filled with teacher's guides, classroom notes, quizzes, games, and discussion questions.

Leap Frog: Learns to Read at the Storybook Factory
Reading is simply putting words together to discover a story. When Mr. Websley glimpses Tad and his friends rehearsing 'The Three Little Pigs', he reminisces about favorite childhood stories and is struck with an idea for new invention - a talking storybook. Frog and Quigley are called to construct a new factory and Tad and his friends begin to rehears in earnest since they're slated to be the stars of the book. Problem is, Tad has been cast as the narrator, but he doesn't know how to read.

Leap Frog: Let's Go To School

School starts tomorrow, and Tad and Lily are nervous! Join Tad, Lily and their magical firefly Edison as he gives them a tour of the classroom and shows them that the classroom is more nervous than they are! As the twins reassure the blocks, globe, clock and more talking 'teachers', they learn key lessons about phonics, counting, days of the week and animals.

Leap Frog: Letter Factory
by Learning Path
Tad's disappointment at being unable to help his family with an important presentation at the letter factory quickly turns to excitement when he meets Professor Quigley and joins each of the letters of the alphabet in their own fun-filled classroom devoted to learning their unique sound.

Leap Frog: Math Adventure to the Moon
Learning Path
Join Ted and Lily as the blast off on an exciting educational adventure! Tad and Lily need the perfect collection of things to take to school for their math assignment. When they finally decide on moon rocks, there's just one problem - how will they get them? With some magical help from their firefly friend, Edison, they board a rocket ship to start their quest.

Leap Frog: Math Circus
Learning Path
Watch the Quidget Family and the Subtractobats perform high-flying feats of mathematics! In this astounding story, Leap, Lily, Tad and wacky Professor Quigley train numbers to count, add, and subtract in a series of amazing circus acts. Numbers and Quidgets fly from trampolines, trapezes and cannons as they teach early mathematical concepts.

Leap Frog: Talking Words Factory
Learning Path
Have fun learning word building, rhyming, vocabulary and more! Leap Frog characters spring to life in this engaging and educational DVD. Leap, Lily and Tad journey into the Word Factory, where the Word Whammer, Sticky-Ick-O-Rama, and more amazing machines take letters and make them into Words!

Leap Frog: Work Caper
Learning Path
A wild word-building adventure! When Mr. Websley is accidentally silenced by the Silent E Machine, Leap, Lily and Tad must journey through the Complex Word Complex to build the code words needed to return his voice. Guided only by the 'Absent Professor Device', the kids learn how to build the complex words needed to solve the code and save the day.

Rock N Learn: Human Body
52 minutes
An entertaining approach to the human body engages young, inquisitive learners, while the depth of material gets older students ready for tests. Join Kevin and his friends Marko and Bailey for an enlightening adventure to explore the human body. Clear explanations, beautiful science models, and amusing animations make this DVD perfect for the classroom and home.

Rock N Learn: Reading Comprehension: Test-Taking Strategies
46 minutes
Boost reading comprehension and test scores with Marko the Pencil! Nobody's sharper than Marko the Pencil when it comes to helping students learn to read for meaning and prepare for tests. His tips are super-effective and his outrageous antics keep students on task. With Marko's guidance, students ace a practice test by learning how to read passages, find key words, and determine the best answers.

Rock N Learn: Writing Strategies
70 minutes
Captivate readers, ace writing tests, and express yourself clearly - Marko the Pencil will show you how. His Writer's Toolbox, packed with easy-to-implement strategies, will take your writing from mediocre to magnificent.

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