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Possibilities: A Financial Resource Book
This is a simple, straightforward guide to money management and financial resources targeted to parents of a child, under the age of 18, who has a disability. Its purpose is to help you make sense out of information that may seem confusing and sometimes contradictory. Outlines step-by-step financial management techniques and provides clear information and leads on resources.


MoneySmart 1: Shopping Savvy & Penny saved, Penny Earned Spending
This video set focuses on careful budgeting, smart shopping and wise spending. Students learn the basics of stretching a dollar and using $ sense. (age 14 & up/parents & professionals)

MoneySmart 2: Making A Budget & Avoiding Common Scams
Teaches students how to keep their hard-earned dollars by avoiding the most common budget busters. They'll also learn how to steer clear of scams and con artists, as well as how to plan ahead and allow for financial emergencies. (age 14 & up/parents & professionals)

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Bill Calendar

Do you find yourself surprised by bills or unsure if you'll have enough money to cover them each month? It's important to remember that youÂ’re still in control of your finances and budget, even when bills are piling up.

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