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A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities

This book is full of useful advice on organizing for disability-friendly health care, caring for daily needs with limited access to equipment, having healthy relationships, choosing family planning methods that work best with specific disabilities, preparing for pregnancy and childbirth, and defending against violence or abuse.

Caution: Do Not Open Until Puberty! (Children's Library)
by Rick Enright
A humorous way to discuss sexuality with young people with spina bifida, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy and other mobility disorders. (parents & professionals)

Heart of a Child, The
by Neill, Clark, & Clark
The Heart of a Child provides comprehensive up-to-date information from leading medical experts on children's heart problems. The overriding principle of modern treatment is to restore the child who has a heart problem to the best possible health with the minimum of tests and procedures. It helps parents understand the challenges, the options, the decisions, and the many reasons for hope.


Alcohol Abuse: Dying For a Drink
14 minutes
Playing with alcohol is not harmless fun. Learn about the dangers of alcohol consumption and listen to the testimonials of people whose lives have been forever changed because of the irresponsible use of this potentially deadly substance.

21 minutes
Tackle the important issues of boyfriends and girlfriends with this 21-minute MTV program. Teen-to-teen camaraderie and brash honesty build students' trust and easily spark discussion. This program examines how boyfriend/girlfriend, Sean and Mehrak, are struggling with complaints and misconceptions about each other's lives, and the strain they put on their relationship. When they are "flipped," they each assume the other's identity, gaining a unique opportunity to confront their erroneous attitudes and perceptions, and explore the social, occupational, and gender-related pressures of their partner's life. This entertaining and insightful program reveals the importance of communication, mutual understanding, and support in building and maintaining lasting relationships. It provides an excellent basis for discussion of attitudes, perceptions, and viewers' thoughts about how they would react if placed in a similar situation.

Go Potty Go! Potty Training For Tiny Toddlers
by Wonderscope Entertainment
According to pediatric experts, it is perhaps more appropriate to refer to potty training as potty learning. Why? It's because in actuality, a child teaches himself or herself to recognize the body signals for urinating, having a bowl movement and developing proper toilet skills.

Healthy Habits for Life: Body Hygiene
15 minutes
Taking good care of your body is a big responsibility! Empower your students with this tactful and engaging video that models proper personal hygiene and the influence of healthy habits. Written to national health standards.

Healthy Habits for Life: The ABC's of Hygiene
18 minutes
What information do young kids need to keep their bodies clean and healthy? This upbeat program gives a step-by-step demonstration of proper body hygiene. From brushing their teeth to washing their faces, kids get the basics of good hygiene.

Nobody Gets Hurt
26 minutes
Nobody Gets Hurt is a story about a father and son dealing with the son's past of making poor choices. The son's insistence that he's not hurting anybody turns into the realization that there are many people affected by his choices. Ben Turner stars as a teenager having trouble communicating with his father. The father is at the end of his rope trying to convince his son to improve his behavior, but can't get past his own anger and frustration. The intense drama that unfolds delivers a strong message about choices and consequences. The ending definitely gives the viewer something to think about. Based on the critically acclaimed play by Ted Miller, this story has been used as a part of outreach and substance abuse education programs in schools, group homes, and counseling centers.

Peace Talks 9: Drugs, Alcohol, and Guns: Triggers to Violence
30 minutes
This critical program examines the shocking prevalence of guns at teen parties and clubs and the predictably dangerous consequences of this casual mix of drugs, alcohol and weapons. Adults will learn of a brave new world where guns are omnipresent and kids think prevention means planning an escape route when they start to go off. Teens recount frightening personal stories of explosive violence when minor offenses on the dance floor turn deadly. Notions of adolescent immortality are challenged as teens come to realize that going to parties with drugs, alcohol and guns is simply not worth the risk.

Potty Power
Wonderscape Entertainment
Say good-bye to diapers! Potty Power will motivate your toddler to use the potty! The program is cleverly produced to initiate and then sustain your child's interest in potty training. The program focuses on what your child needs to know to develop the responsibility to use the potty him or herself.


Health Snapshot Pocket Guide: North Dakota
ND Community of Practice on Transition
This guide is designed to assist students, parents, and education professionals during the transition planning process. (English)
To request a copy of this resource, visit or call Pathfinder and ask for Handout #205

Online Resources

Children's Special Health Services

The Division of ChildrenÂ’s Special Health Services is located in the North Dakota Department of Health. This Division provides services for children with special health care needs and their families, and promotes family-centered, community-based, coordinated services and systems of health care.

Family Voices of North Dakota

Family Voices of ND is a grassroots non-profit organization that acts as a Health Care Information Center for ND families that have children, youth and adults with special healthcare needs.

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