Intellectual Disability

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Parents with Intellectual Disabilities
by Professor Steven J. Taylor
This is a thoughtful and comprehensive collection by an international team that blazes new trails for inclusion and equality for adults with intellectual disabilities. By asserting that forming a family and parenting are pathways both to social value and assumptions about adults with intellectual disabilities as parents. An essential text for a full understanding of disability in the world of today and tomorrow.


Flowers In The Sand
28 minutes
Daniel is in his twenties and mentally retarded. Though he is just a short ferry ride away from the classes on the mainland that will help him adjust to the adult world, Daniel is afraid to board the boat that will take him toward independence. With the love of a good friend, and a little extra patience, Daniel is able to take the first important step toward helping himself. Produced by Christine Cornish and Leon Marr. Honored by the National Council on Family Relations.

Walk Your Way to Fitness: For People with Intellectual Disabilities
Iris Media Inc.
There are lots of ways to be active and get exercise. When you use a workout program like Walk Your Way To Fitness, you'll be getting formal exercise. Include formal exercise in your weekly routine and you'll see benefits. You can also get benefits by adding lifestyle activities to your weekly routine. Lifestyle activities include things like walking, using the stairs instead of an elevator, playing Frisbee with friends, gardening, and even cleaning your house. Think about fun ways to fit lifestyle activities into your day and enjoy the benefits.


Guidelines: Intellectual Disabilities in Educational Settings
Guidelines: Intellectual Disabilities in Educational Settings is intended as new clarification of the special education processes for evaluation, identification, eligibility, development and provision of services, and placement in the least restrictive environment. (English)

Intellectual Disability
Fact sheet from CPIR on intellectual disabilities. (English)

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North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities (NDCPD)

The North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities (NDCPD) is a University Center of Excellence on Developmental Disabilities, Education, Research and Services.

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