Least Restrictive Environment

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The LRE Continuum

With the implementation of NCLB, all children - including children with disabilities - are expected to be performing "at or above grade level" in reading, math and science. Including children with disabilities in the general education classroom will help your schools meet the challenges of NCLB, as well as comply with IDEA '04.

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Considering LRE in Placement Decisions

Least restrictive environment, or LRE as it is more commonly called, is one of several vital components in the development of a childÂ’s IEP and plays a critical role, influencing where a child spends his or her time at school, how services are provided, and the relationships the child develops within the school and community. This fact sheet from CPIR provides more information.

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE): What You Need to Know

Least restrictive environment, or LRE, is an important part of your child's IEP. Understand more about how inclusion, mainstreaming and LRE work together in this article from

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