Orthopedic Impairment/Physical Disability

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Taking Charge
by Kay H. Kriegsman, PhD, Elinor L. Zaslow, M.A. and Jennifer D'Zmura-Rechiseiner, M.A.
There comes a time when all teenagers with a physical disability begin to think about independence, body image, relationships and a host of other concerns. Taking Charge covers three major areas of concern, individual self-esteem; relationships with family, friends, and the community, and the future with a discussion about goals. (age 14 -18, parents & professionals)


How Can We All Play? Severe disAbility in PE
35 minutes
In this excellent video, you witness first-hand what the staff at Grant Wood has put together over the past 15+ years with input from staff, consultants, retirees, PE teachers, families, and students to create fun, safe multi-sensory activities and equipment that encourage a friendly, positive environment where students of all abilities can and want to play together and become friends. Traditional PE equipment is used in lots of creative ways along with to foster play and interaction skills. You will also get a glimpse of some of the innovative "inventions" created specifically for these classes - uniquely designed equipment (catapult, bumper car, inner-tube scooter, etc.) that demonstrate additional ways to create more opportunities for everyone!

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