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Adolescent Suicide
by William G. Kirk
This book provides the information required to accurately identify potentially suicidal adolescents and provides the skills necessary for appropriate and effective intervention.

An Introductory Guide for Reading First Coaches
Natl Center for Reading First
This guide is designed to provide processional development for Reading First coaches and other instructional leaders who work directly with Reading First schools and teachers.

Behavior Management Guidebook, The: 10 Key Training Components for Staff Development
by LRP Publications/ Barbara F. Zimmerman
This book explores common classroom challenges as well as general behavior-management concepts - so teachers understand the root of student misconduct and how to successfully intervene and manage it.

Building Fluency: Lessons and Strategies for Reading Success
by Wiley Blevins
Students who can decode words effortlessly can focus their attention on comprehending - and enjoying - what they read. This book provides lessons and techniques for helping students read smoothly and easily, free of the frustrations imposed by weak decoding and word-recognition skills.

Classroom of Choice, The
by Jonathan C. Erwin
This book offers many useful management and instructional tips to anyone who works with young people. It provides hundreds of specific strategies you can use with young people to appeal to what intrinsically motivates them in order for high-quality learning to take place.

Creating Literacy-Rich Schools For Adolescents
by Gay Ivey & Doug Fisher
The authors introduce you to schools where teachers and administrators have developed a common approach to literacy focused around a small set of transportable and transparent strategies. It will help schools rethink their commitment to literacy.

Creating Readers
by Pam Schiller
Learn the basic building blocks of reading with Creating Readers, an incredibly comprehensive resource that develops a strong foundation for pre-readers. This book gives teachers and parents the tools to teach beginning reading skills and phonemic awareness with over 1000 activities, games, fingerplays, songs, tongue twisters, poems and stories for each letter of the alphabet. This invaluable resource will start children ages 3 to 8 on a future rich with reading.

Educator's Guide to Medical Issues in the Classroom
by Frank Kline, Larry Silver & Steven Russell
In today's inclusive classrooms, educators encounter students with a wide range of medical needs. This easy-to-read guide gives educators facts on how students' medical conditions and their treatments directly affect their classroom behavior and learning ability. Readers will get tips and strategies for creating successful learning environments. (parents & professionals)

Effective Teacher's Guide, The: 50 Ways for Engaging Students in Learning
by Nancy Frey
Satisfying, learning experiences are what all teachers strive for in their instruction each day. This book discusses five guiding principles for engaging students throughout each and every lesson you teach. It also looks at the practical considerations for creating and establishing a classroom management plan and organization of students and materials, the importance of fostering peer partnerships.

Eight Ways of Teaching: the Artistry of Teaching with Multiple Intelligences
by David Lazear
This practical guidebook takes you through each of the eight intelligences and helps you expand your teaching repertoire by exploring hundreds of new ways for you to present and for your students to process information. (professionals)

Engaging Your Board in Fundraising: A Staff Guide
by Kathy Hedge
Kathy Hedge asked nearly 50 nonprofit leaders to share their insights with me as staff members, board members, consultants, and/or funders of nonprofits. Engaging Your Board in Fundraising will help you: -- ensure that you have the right foundation in place to engage your board members in fundraising -- energize board members by connecting them to mission -- establish the context of your funding process so board members understand the big picture -- cultivate, engage, and support board members in fundraising tasks.

I See What You Mean: Visual Literacy K-8
by Steve Moline
This book is for the teacher who believes that literacy is more than reading stories; literacy also includes reading and writing information. Similarly, information literacy is more than communicating with words, because many information texts also include visual elements, such as diagrams, graphs, maps, and tables. To provide a complete literacy program, we need to include opportunities to draw information as well as to write it.

Leadership Secrets from the Executive Office
by George Hathaway
131 secrets to help move from being a good manager to an extraordinary leader.

Make Way for Literacy! Teaching the Way Young Children Learn
by Gretchen Owocki
Make Way for Literacy! offers effective guidelines for creating a classroom community that supports children's developing literacies. The book starts with a brief explanation of how literacy begins to develop, first in a child's home and neighborhood. The author points out the various individual traits, family activities, and basic literacy practices that can be so influential - and then focuses on preschool, kindergarten, and the primary grades. Next, the book offers four key principles for understanding and facilitating literacy, along with easy-to-follow techniques for starting - or refining - teacher research and inquiry in the classroom.

Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission
by Holly Ross, Et Al
A resource to help nonprofits make smart decisions about their technology dollar.

Math for Humans: Teaching Math Through 8 Intelligences
by Mark Wahl
This book is a multifaceted resource that expands the horizons of the beginning teacher, bridges the liberal-arts oriented instructor to math thinking, and adds color and versatility to the repertoire of the seasoned teacher. Activities and their extensive support pages offer insightful math work for multiple levels of students. For the instructor they offer a hands-on inservice-training in math multi-intelligence teaching.

Pathways to Independence
by Worthy, Broaddus & Ivey
This book addresses how to teach reading and promote the literacy of middle grade students. Preservice students, practicing teachers, and college instructors will find this to be an engaging, informative work.

Preparing Educators to Engage Families
by Heather B. Weiss
The book pairs child development theory with research-based teaching cases that reflect vital issues in family-school-community relations, especially among families for whom poverty and cultural differences are daily realities. This second edition encourages educators to hone their analytic and problem-solving skills for use in real-world situations with students and their families.

Promoting Executive Function in the Classroom
by Lynn Meltzer
Accessible and practical, this book helps teachers incorporate executive function processes - such as planning, organizing, prioritizing, and self-checking - into the classroom curriculum. Chapters provide effective strategies for optimizing what K-12 students learn by improving how they learn. The author presents a wealth of easy-to-implement assessment tools, teaching techniques and activities, and planning aids. Featuring numerous whole-class ideas and suggestions, the book also shows how to differentiate instruction for students with learning or attention difficulties.

Promoting Social and Emotional Learning Guidelines for Educators
by M.J. Elias, J.E. Zins and others
Fostering knowledgeable, responsible, and caring students is one of the most urgent challenges facing schools, families, and communities as we enter the 21st century. This book provides sound principles for meeting this challenge.

Survival Guide to the Stress of Organizational Change
by Price Pritchett and Ron Pound
A short handbook by business consultants to help people go through workplace change.

Under-Resourced Learners: 8 Strategies to Boost Student Achievement
by Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D.
Under-Resourced Learners identifies resources all students need and delivers proven, practical strategies for building up these resources for every student in every school. Teachers and administrators will find a gold mine of best practices and interventions to help embed those success strategies in their curricula, and in the minds and lives of their students.

Unstoppable Learning: Seven Essential Elements to Unleash Student Potential
by Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey
Discover how to enhance teaching and learning using the seven essential elements of the Unstoppable Learning model: (1) planning, (2) launching, (3) consolidating, (4) assessing, (5) adapting, (6) managing, and (7) leading.

Whatever It Takes
by Richard DuFour
This practical book addresses the tough issues every teacher and school leader must face if they are committed to improved student achievement. Readers will find a treasure trove of specific strategies that can make an immediate impact in any school.


Beyond Words: Effective Use of Translators, Interpreters, and Cultural Mediators
40 minutes
This DVD provides a multi-faceted view of how schools can respond effectively to the need for well-trained interpreters. Four individual modules address the concerns of families and educators, model effective techniques, and provide practical guidance for parents and professionals.

Making Schools Work: With Hedrick Smith
35 minutes
This DVD and discussion guide shows concrete models of successful educational reform at a large scale, from elementary through high school. Highlights crucial issues of educational reform, providing vital material for educators, administrators, parents, and anyone interested in better public education.

Practical Applications of Love and Logic in Today's Classroom
2 DVDs, 240 minutes
Teachers, the information on this live presentation can help you minimize student misbehavior, maximize teaching time, cure discipline problems immediately, build positive relationships with kids, and no longer be manipulated by students.

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