Sensory Integration

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Out-Of-Sync Child Has Fun, The
by Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.
This revised edition of the companion volume includes new activities that parents or kids with Sensory Processing Disorder can do at home with their child, along with updated information on which activities are most appropriate for children with coexisting conditions.

Raising a Sensory Smart Child
by Lindsey Biel & Nancy Peske
For children with sensory integration (SI) issues-those who have difficulty processing everyday sensations and exhibit unusual behaviors such as avoiding or seeking out touch, movement, sounds, and sights-this groundbreaking book is an invaluable resource. Long thought to affect only autistic children, or mistaken for ADHD, SI dysfunction is finally being recognized as a separate condition.

Sensory Smarts
by Kathleen Chara, Paul Chara, Christian Chara
Sensory Smarts offers real solutions, such as a sensory sensitivity scale, a behavioral rating chart, and a list of helpful organizations, as well as genuine hope of overcoming sensory integration problems. With much of it written from the perspective of a child, this richly illustrated book encourages children to work with adults in overcoming their sensory difficulties. This book will be indispensable to those grappling with, or trying to raise awareness of, sensory problems in childhood.

This Is Gabriel: Making Sense of School
by Hartley Steiner
This book provides a look into the challenges children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) face in the classroom. This easy to read and beautifully illustrated picture book gives teachers, parents and students a better understanding of all seven senses, how they are each affected at school and what kinds of accommodations are necessary to help children with SPD become learning sensations!

Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight
by Sharon Heller
Everyone knows how it feels to be annoyed by loud music, accosted by overly bright lights, bothered by crowds, and overwhelmed by a world that moves too quickly. Most people are able to ignore irritating sensations and focus on the task at hand. But as much as 15% of the population can't tune out harmless sensations and instead react to them with irritation, anger, and alarm. The author explains in this new book they suffer from sensory defensiveness.


Attention, Sensory Processing, & The Social Challenges of Gifted Children
192 minutes
Attention, sensory processing, and social challenges are commonly in gifted children, but how are they distinguished and when do they warrant treatments, and if so, what types? In this fascinating presentation, the authors discuss overlaps in the checklists of ADD/ADHD, Sensory Processing, Giftedness, and Autism Spectrum disorders, cover normal neurodevelopment for gifted children, differences between gifted boys and gifted girls, the attention and organization problems of highly creative children, and the impact of motivation on attention.

Sensory Integration Strategies
29 minutes
Why can't Johnny sit still? Why does Jane spit out her food? Why is Jack so rough? Why does John grind his teeth? It's called Sensory Integration or Sensory Processing. Although everyone processes sensory information, we interpret sensory information differently from one another. When the way a person interprets or processes information from their senses interferes with learning and daily routines, it is considered Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID) or Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). In this well-developed DVD you will learn: 1. What Sensory Integration is 2. How to spot it. 3. When and how it can interfere with learning 4. What you can do at home and school to help the child 5. General tips and activities that work to overcome it, Sensory Integration Therapy!

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