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Sign with Your Baby
by Dr. Burton White (Learning Kit: book/video/guide)
This kit can help you understand and communicate with your baby long before your baby can speak. Offers a straight-forward and light-hearted approach to teaching infants how to communicate using simple sign language. (parents & professionals)

Signing Exact English
by Gerilee Gustason & Esther Zawolkow
The most comprehensive collection of signs for English words with vocabulary for beginning to advanced signers. Easy to follow graphic illustrations for over 4,400 signs. (parents & professionals)

Signs For Me
by Ben Bahan and Joe Dannis
Designed for anyone new to sign language. The format is organized according to figures of speech. Illustrations are linked to both the English word and the American Sign Language gesture for the concept. Use sign language to increase children's appreciation of the language process of children who are hearing impaired. (parents & professionals)

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ND Freelance Interpreters List

This is a list of Interpreters in North Dakota that hold certification at the state or national level.

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