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Guía de La Ley de Educación Especial/The Everyday Guide to Special Education Law
by Randy Chapman
Guia de la Ley de Educacion Especial is the Spanish translation of The Everyday Guide to Special Education Law. Both the Spanish and English text are included on every page. This book is an essential tool to help parents get the best education possible for their child with disabilities. It covers the IDEA's Part B, Part C and Section 504. This book is also an excellent resource for teachers and school administrators. This handbook gives parents courage, credibility and respect to effectively advocate for their child's right to an inclusive education.

Special Education Law: Wrightslaw
by Pete & Pam Wright
Special Education Law: Wrightslaw is an invaluable resource for parents, advocates, educators, and attorneys. You will refer to this book again and again. It teaches you how to use the law as your sword and your shield. Special education law is confusing and overwhelming to parents, educators, advocates, and even many attorneys.

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