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Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook (2nd edition)
by Joan M. Harwell
This important resource offers diagnostic tools, remedial techniques, sample lessons, and works to quickly identify students with learning deficits, improve their academic performance, and bolster their self-esteem. Includes assessment forms, problem-specific solutions, and intervention techniques

Complete Reading Disabilities Handbook
by Wilma H. Miller
This unique handbook gives reading and learning disability teachers one of the most comprehensive and practical resources available today for diagnosing and remediating all types of reading disabilities in elementary and middle school students. Included are easy-to-follow explanations of the various causes of reading disabilities and over 100 reproducible assessment devises, corrective activity sheets, and other aids.

Dyscalculia Toolkit, The: Supporting Learning Difficulties in Math
by Ronit Bird
This book is ideal for students who struggle with mathematics, this collection of 200 teaching activities and 40 games covers basic calculations, place value, multiplication, and division, with reproducibles on a CD-ROM. Based on the author's experience in working with learners with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia, the recommended strategies are equally suitable for all students aged 7 to 14.

Free Flight: Celebrating Your Right Brain
by Barbara Meister Vitale
Journey with Barbara Mesiter Vitale, from her uncertain childhood perceptions of being "different" to the acceptance and adult celebration of that difference. a how to book for right-brained people in a left-brained world. (parents & professionals)

Helping Children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities to Flourish
by Marilyn Martin
In Helping Children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities to Flourish, the author presents a comprehensive developmental profile of children with NLD. She explores the controversies surrounding the disorder so parents and professionals can identify learners with NLD and insure they receive early intervention. Offering practical advice on NLD at home and at school, she describes step-by-step interventions for improving a range of skills from penmanship to social acumen.

Learning Disabilities and the Law
by Peter & Patricia Latham
This book clearly explains the legal rights of individuals with Learning Disabilities under Federal Law. (parents & professionals)

Learning How to Learn
by Joyanne Cobb
Written for high school and college students with learning disabilities, this thorough, down-to-earth manual, designed in an LD-friendly format, gently steers students through the process of applying to college, selecting the right classes, and succeeding academically.

Life Success for Children with Learning Disabilities: A Parent's Guide
by Frostig Center
This guide describes each of the six success attributes - self-awareness, proactivity, perseverance, goal setting, support systems, and emotional coping strategies - and how each can aid in a child's development and ability to achieve a satisfying and rewarding life despite LD. Recommendations on how to develop success attributes in children with LD are also included.

Many Ways to Learn: Young People's Guide to Learning Disabilities
by Judith Stern & Uzi Ben-Ami
Adopting a positive, friendly approach, this guide defines learning disabilities and offers suggestions for coping at home, in school, and with friends. It features a first-person account from a child with learning disabilities, a chapter on computers, and an extensive resource list for parents.

Motivation Breakthrough, The
by Richard Lavoie
With empathy and understanding, backed by decades of experience in the classroom, Rich Lavoie gives parents and teachers the key to unlock any child - enthusiasm and responsiveness. The Motivation Breakthrough will revolutionize the way parents, teachers, and professionals reach out to and motivate all children.

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: Diagnosis & Treatment Within An Educational Setting
by Marieke Molenaar-Klumper
This book is an accessible introduction to Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD), a syndrome which was first recognized in the 1970s. Since this time, the number of children diagnosed with NLD, a condition that combines both behavioral and coordination problems, has been slowly rising. The author provides an overview of the varied opinions expressed about NLD.

Reach For the Moon
by Samantha Abeel
Reach for the Moon is a book of beautiful poetry and breathtaking art, reflecting the remarkable journey of growth and self-discovery of the thirteen year old author. Samantha is learning disabled. She does not understand mathematical concepts and has difficulty with simple tasks such as telling time or making change.

Survival Guide for Kids with LD, The
by John F. Taylor
Do you have a hard time paying attention of staying still? Do you sometimes get yelled at for talking in class or moving around? Lose assignments? Have trouble controlling your behavior? Maybe you have ADD or ADHD. This book was written especially for you. But you might want to share it with a parent or another caring adult. Talk it over together and try some of the activities. Meanwhile, know you're not alone. Lots of kids have ADD or ADHD. With a little effort, they have learned to succeed. So can you!

Survival Guide for Teenagers with LD
by Rhoda Cummings & Gary Gisher
This book was written especially for teenagers with LD. Look inside for answers to your questions about succeeding in school and preparing for life as an adult. You will learn how to take charge of your education, find out what it takes to live on your own and discover why LD can't stop you from being your best - now and in the future. (13 & up)

Teaching Mathematics to Students with Learning Disabilities
by Nancy S. Bley & Carol A. Thornton
This book is a professional resource for teachers at the elementary and middle school levels who teach students with learning disabilities. Has been written with the belief that most students with learning disabilities can master important mathematical concepts and skills, can apply them in their day-to-day lives and will use them to advantage in their future careers. It emphasizes problem solving, number sense, student decision making, and ways of effectively incorporating technology in mathematics instruction - from calculators and computer spreadsheets to the use of selected Web sites and computer software. (professionals)

Understanding Learning Disabilities (3 Ring Binder)
by LD Council
Easy-to-read, quick to access, and overflowing with helpful information and advice, this one-stop guide will quickly be one of your most trusted supports for helping your child succeed in school. Whether your quests about learning disabilities are few or many, this tool holds the answers you seek. (parents & professionals)


Beyond F.A.T. City: A Look Back, A Look Ahead
70 minutes
A follow-up to the original 1998 best-selling video, How Difficult Can This Be?. This DVD offers practical strategies as well as inspirational messages for those who teach children with learning disabilities who constantly struggle with Frustration, Anxiety and Tension (F.A.T.). This program is designed to give teachers and parents the opportunity to become involved in candid and thought-provoking discussions on how to play a more effective role in the life of a learning disabled child.

It's So Much Work To Be Your Friend
90 minutes
This DVD explores the causes and consequences of 'social incompetence'. Drawing on current research and thirty years of experience in residential schools, Richard Lavoie provides powerful strategies for teaching friendship skills in the classroom, on the homefront, and the community.

Last One Picked...First One Picked On
Rick Lavoie
Nationally recognized expert on learning disabilities, Richard Lavoie, gives parents and teachers examples on how to help their L.D. children succeed in everyday situations outside the classroom where they might normally fail. (parents & professionals)

The Motivation Breakthrough
90 minutes
Richard Lavoie draws on decades of teaching experience to demonstrate six basic motivational styles and strategies for inspiring the most withdrawn and reluctant student. In this DVD, Lavoie touches all the bases. He explains how to tap into an apathetic or learning-disabled student's secret need for prestige, power, praise, or reward. Some strategies are simple - using clearer, more precise language-while others take time, patience, and planning. Each one is well worth the effort. But be forewarned that Lavoie's enthusiasm in contagious!

Understanding Learning Disabilities: How Difficult Can This Be?
Rick Lavoie
This 70 minute video workshop simulates a classroom in which the participants engage in a series of learning and language tasks headed by the workshop leader playing the role of the mainstream teacher. This workshop is the key to creating academic and social success for all learning disabled children. (parents & professionals


Como ayudar a los ninos con discapacidades del aprendizaje
Channing Bete
Guía explica los diferentes tipos de discapacidades de aprendizaje, las posibles causas, los síntomas, dónde encontrar ayuda y cómo los padres pueden ayudar a su hijo a tener éxito. Las páginas del cuaderno de ejercicios ayudan a los padres a prepararse para las reuniones del IEP, a registrar números de teléfono y citas, y más. Abarca la Ley Federal de Educación Especial y los derechos de los padres. También incluye un glosario de términos relacionados con las discapacidades de aprendizaje. Las secciones de relleno, las hojas de trabajo y otras funciones interactivas hacen que los manuales sean ideales para referencias continuas. (Guide explains different types of learning disabilities, possible causes, symptoms, where to find help, and how parents can help their child succeed. Workbook pages help parents prepare for IEP meetings, record phone numbers and appointments, and more. Covers the Federal Special Education Law and parents' rights. Also includes a glossary of terms related to learning disabilities. Fill-in sections, worksheets, and other interactive features make handbooks ideal for ongoing reference.) (Spanish)
To request a copy of this resource, visit or call Pathfinder and ask for Handout #153

Guidelines: Identification and Evaluation of Students with Specific Learning Disabilities
These guidelines are designed to help IEP teams to make a determination if a student has a learning disability. (English)

Helping Children with Learning Disabilities: A Parent's Handbook
Channing Bete
Guide explains different types of learning disabilities, possible causes, symptoms, where to find help, and how parents can help their child succeed. Workbook pages help parents prepare for IEP meetings, record phone numbers and appointments, and more. Covers the Federal Special Education Law and parents' rights. Also includes a glossary of terms related to learning disabilities. Fill-in sections, worksheets, and other interactive features make handbooks ideal for ongoing reference. (English)
To request a copy of this resource, visit or call Pathfinder and ask for Handout #11

Learning Disabilities (LD)
Fact sheet from CPIR on learning disabilities. (English)

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