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Advice to Those Who Stutter
by Stuttering Foundation
This is a remarkable book of therapy advice. What makes it unique is that every article has been written by men and women who stutter themselves. Each has been through the mill and knows what it is to have experienced the fear, anxiety, and despair which is so often the lot of those who stutter.

¿Tartamudeas? Una guía para adolescentes (Do You Stutter: A Guide for Teens)
The Stuttering Foundation
Do You Stutter: A Guide for Teens. Spanish version of ''. Debido a que eres un adolescente y porque a veces tartamudea, algunos problemas son exclusivamente tuyos. Este libro está escrito para usted con la esperanza de ayudarlo a resolver algunos de estos problemas. Cada capítulo está escrito por un especialista en el campo de la tartamudez.

Do You Stutter: A Guide for Teens
The Stuttering Foundation
Because you are a teen and because you sometimes stutter, some problems are uniquely yours. This book is written to and for you in the hope of helping you solve some of these problems. Each chapter is written by a specialist in the field of stuttering.

If Your Child Stutters: A Guide For Parents
The Stuttering Foundation
This book is written for you the parents if you are concerned about the speech of your young child. The goal of this book is to enable you to begin working with your child with a better understanding of stuttering.

Self-Therapy for the Stutterer
The Stuttering Foundation
There are always some stutterers who are unable to get professional help and others who do not seem to be able to profit from it. The author has provided some guidance for those who must help themselves.

Si su niño tartamudea: guía para padres (If Your Child Stutters: A Guide For Parents)
The Stuttering Foundation
Spanish version of 'If Your Kid Stutters: A Guide For Parents'. Este libro está escrito para usted los padres si le preocupa el habla de su niño pequeño. El objetivo de este libro es permitirle comenzar a trabajar con su hijo con una mejor comprensión de la tartamudez.

Sometimes I Just Stutter
The Stuttering Foundation
A book for children ages 7 to 12. This book is written especially for children who have emotional reactions to stuttering. It is often difficult to assess a child's real feelings and thoughts so observing behaviors such as struggle and avoidance may help you understand how they really feel about their speech.

Stuttering and Your Child: Questions & Answers
The Stuttering Foundation
This book represents up-to-date thoughts of seven leading authorities in the field of stuttering. You will find answers to the questions most often asked by parents who are concerned about stuttering and their child. These answers will enable you to work with your child in ways that will contribute significantly to the healthy and normal development of fluency.

Stuttering: Straight Talk For Teachers
The Stuttering Foundation
A handbook for teachers and speech-language pathologists. Stuttering is a communication disorder that interferes with a person's ability to speak fluently. It involves the repetition, prolongation, or blockage of sounds, syllables, or words.


If You Stutter: Advice for Adults
38 minutes
This DVD is for adults who stutter, their families, and professionals who work with them. In this DVD, stutterers share their personal stories and insights into what has helped them.

Kids Who Stutter: Parents Speak
16 minutes
In this 16 minute DVD, parents of children who stutter join a group of speech-language experts to talk compassionately and directly about what has worked for them as they interact with their child.

Stuttering and Your Child: A Videotape for Parents
30 minutes
This DVD is for parents, teachers, day care professionals, and all those wanting to help the child who stutters. It discusses what stuttering is, what is thought to cause childhood stuttering and what parents can do to help their child.

Stuttering and Your Child: Help For Families
30 minutes
This 30 minutes DVD is for families of young children who stutter. The focus is the help understand stuttering and make changes to promote fluent speech.

Stuttering For Kids, By Kids
12 minutes
In this new 12 minute DVD for kids, the animated character swish talks to his real friends about their stuttering, asking such questions as, "Does stuttering ever bug you?"

Stuttering: Straight Talk For Teachers
20 minutes
In this 20 minute DVD, students who stutter talk to teachers about their experiences. Speech-Language pathologists Kristin Chmela & Bill Murphy answer questions and offer expert advice about what works in the classroom.

Stuttering: Straight Talk for Teens
30 minutes
David Wilkins, a high school student who stutters, narrates this 30 minute DVD featuring many teens who talk about their stuttering and what works for them. It is an excellent resource for teens and adults, their families, teachers, physicians, and speech-language pathologists.

The School-Age Child Who Stutters
38 minutes
This an excellent resource and teaching tool for speech-language pathologists as well as teachers, parents, and physicians. Certain to further the understanding of stuttering and what can be done to help the school-age child.


Speech and Language Impairments Fact Sheet
A fact sheet from CPIR on speech and language impairments. (English)

Speech-Language Pathology Public School Guidelines
This document from NDDPI contains four sections: I. Roles and Responsibilities of the Public School Speech-Language Pathologist, II. Eligibility Criteria for Speech-Language Impairment, III. Special Topics for the Public School Speech-Language Pathologist, and IV. Resources for the Public School Speech-Language Pathologist. (English)

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