Visual Impairment

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Seeing Eye to Eye: An Administrator's Guide to Students with Low Vision
by Sandra Lewis & Carol B. Allman
The contents of this booklet will help administrators better understand both the particular needs of these students as well as the service delivery and in-service implications for the special education teachers who serve them. (professionals)


Functional Vision: Learning to Look
18 minutes
This DVD was developed with input from parents, doctors, educators and vision specialists. It shows examples of what it is like to see with different visual impairments. It reminds the viewer that parents are often the first to notice problems and progress, and covers information parents and educators need to know about visual skills.

Functional Vision: Learning to See
18 minutes
This DVD uses classroom examples to help explain how teachers can help children with visual impairments. It was developed to help educators and parents understand how child see and how children with visual impairments use their vision to learn.


Students with Visual Impairments in North Dakota Schools (2010)
The purpose of this document is to provide updated guidance to families, professionals, and others who are providing quality services for students with a vision loss in ND schools. (English)

Visual Impairment, Including Blindness
Fact sheet from CPIR on visual impairments, including blindness. (English)

Online Resources

North Dakota Association of the Blind (NDAB)

The North Dakota Association of the Blind (NDAB) strives to enhance the way of life for people who are visually impaired, to improve their opportunities for employment, and to create public awareness about persons with sight loss.

North Dakota Vision Services/School for the Blind (NDVS/SB)

North Dakota Vision Services/School for the Blind (NDVS/SB) provides statewide leadership, center based programming, and regionalized outreach services ensuring that the specialized needs of persons of all ages who are blind or visually impaired are met.

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