Offline Materials

Offline Materials

Pathfinder offers wonderful handouts, kits, flip books and other resources for parents. These materials are not available online but are available in limited quantities to share with families. We have created some of these items ourselves, and many were developed by commercial companies. If you see a resource that you think will help your family or other parents, contact us to place an order. Remember, materials are FREE for parents while supplies last. We collaborate with many North Dakota organizations and schools to make these resources available to you.

This pamphlet provides an introduction to interventions and helps improve parents' understanding of ways they can help their child grow (while growing in confidence themselves). Discusses appropriate services and resources, and the laws that benefit people with special needs.

Supportive guide provides parents with an overview of federal laws designed to serve children with disabilities, individualized education programs (IEPs), least restrictive environments (LREs), physical education, and transition services. Offers tips on supporting homework success, helping children build social connections, responding to bullying, and much more.

Designed for parents of high school students receiving special education services, this handbook offers information about the evolving role of special education during the teen years. Discusses special education laws relating to teens, IEPs, and the transition after high school. Offers insight into developing a transition plan, setting goals, and achieving academic success. Also provides helpful advice on encouraging independence, preparing for the workplace, discussing social challenges, and more.

This brochure is designed to teach parents about North Dakota's Multi-Tier System of Supports (NDMTSS).

Parent to Parent is a program that provides information and one-to-one emotional support to parents of children who have special needs.

Encourages parents to instill good study habits in their child by consistently showing interest in their child's schoolwork; setting up a study area for their child at home; and, most importantly, making sure their child understands the importance of learning.

Every child can learn to write well, and every parent can help! This easy-reading booklet encourages parents to involve their child in simple writing activities every day.

Also available in Spanish: Ayude a su hijo(a) con la Escritura

This engaging quick-reference tool helps teens understand what cyberbullying is and how to avoid it. Guide helps readers understand the negative impact of cyberbullying, how they may have played a part in cyberbullying in the past, and what type of action is appropriate if they become a victim or witness of cyberbullying. Tabbed table of contents lets teens flip right to the information they need.

Guía de fácil lectura que faculta a los padres para abogar por sus hijos y trabajar con el personal de la escuela para obtener a sus hijos los servicios que necesitan para realizar todo su potencial.

This handbook helps parents of those transitioning to high school understand and cope with the challenges and opportunities ahead. Provides advice on helping their child select classes, address fears, set short- and long-term goals, and more. Discusses good organization, time management, and healthy habits; lists sources of support; and provides a checklist for tracking parent involvement. Fill-in sections, worksheets, and other interactive features make handbooks ideal for ongoing reference.

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