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What is Mediation?

What is Mediation? How do I get help when my child's special education isn't going the way that I planned?

When parents of children with disabilities and school staff disagree about the child's special education and related services, there are ways to help the process along in a way that is non-threatening to the parents and to the school staff.  Mediation is an informal, effective way to help resolve differences that occur when you get several people disagreeing about services that a child should receive.  Mediation may help focus on issues that are specific to a student's educational services or it may help to address some communication issues that have occurred and are currently affecting the working relationship between parents and educators. 

Mediators do not take sides and are a step in the dispute resolution process that helps to aid educators and parents alike in communicating more effectively.  A mediator does not enforce special education rights, but helps when there is a breakdown in communication and when both parties disagree and have come to an impasse. 

To learn more about Mediation, view Pathfinder Parent Center's parent-friendly Mediation Brochure.

In order to request a mediator, you can go to the ND DPI website and print the Request for Mediation Form.  You would then send that request into the Department of Public Instruction to process that request.