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On this page you will find links to toolkits, national centers, ND partners, documents, videos, and websites. Discover what's available - especially right here in ND. Select 'Browse Resources' to see these resources arranged by topic, or choose 'Search Resources' to look for a specific keyword.


Resources & Handouts

Father and son reading a handout together Our resource library includes handouts, brochures, and other literature on a variety of topics. These resources may be offered as a digital resource available directly from this site (PDF or web page), or they may be available as physical copies by request from Pathfinder. Some are available in both formats.

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Lending Library

Father and son reading a book together Our lending library includes books and DVDs available to check out for those looking for more in-depth information on the topics we cover. If you are a parent of a child with a disability, we have hundreds of items covering different aspects of this unique parenting perspective... including both home and education. We have a children's library of books you can read with your child. We have items on a number of specific disabilities from experts in the field. We also have many items for professionals working with children with disabilities.

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Web-Based Resources

Mother looking at computer while holding her babyOur collection of web-based resources includes archived webinars, websites, online articles, and more. Pathfinder Services of ND's archived webinars are available to view here at any time. You can find links to North Dakota agencies and organizations and prominent national websites working in the fields of special education and disabilities. We also link to web-based articles on a variety of related topics.



Mother looking at computer while holding her babyOur newsletter, Pathfinder Journeys, offers articles and information on various topics for parents, youth, and professionals in North Dakota. Find out more about our newsletter, subscribe to get upcoming issues, and view past issues.

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