Improving Children's Homework, Organization, and Planning Skills (HOPS)

by Joshua M. Langberg, PhD
Tired of seeing your son or daughter hunched over the kitchen table all night, struggling to complete homework before bedtime? Or worse yet, failing classes because they couldn't remember to bring home the work in the first place? Fueled with hands-on tools for success, you can put a smile back on your child's face and prepare them for a strong academic career. This guide can help relieve the daily stress surrounding the homework routine. Help your child finish homework assignments, declutter their bookbag, and develop a winning organization plan so they can tackle the projects ahead. Parents, this guide empowers you to: Effectively manage homework completion; Establish a points system for rewards; Keep interventions positive; Plan ahead for long-term projects; Better manage time, even on busy school nights; and Better collaborate with your child's school.

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